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How to Select A Disposable Pod Device?

Dec 31, 2020
In the past 10 years, there has been a rapid development in the vape market. From the eGo starter pen kit to the big wattage mod, sub-ohm tank, AIO starter kit, closed&open system pod, consumer demand has been changing all the time.

Disposable pod is convenient, portable and affordable. It’s easy to use, just to put the nozzle into mouth and inhale. Compared with buying a starter kit and refilling e-juice, it’s much easier in using. Disposable pods are more popular among smokers who intend to try vaping.

So what factors do you need to consider when choosing a disposable pod? 

Generally tobacco, mint and fruits are the most popular flavors. You can choose the flavors according to your hobbies. If in summer, the “iced” flavor will be recommend because the mint can fresh your mind soon. 

2.Nicotine Strength
Most of the disposable pods are prefilled with nicotine salt liquid. Nicotine salt is a neutralization of freebase nicotine and natural acidic compounds. Compared with freebase nicotine, it can reduce the harshness and enables a smoother throat hit. The nicotine strength differs from 0mg to 70mg in the market; 50mg is a good choice for a heavy smoker.

Although vaping is healthier as it just steams the e-juice instead of burning cigarettes, you still need to keep it in mind --vaping too much nicotine will not be good for your body.

3.Inhale Experience

If we put the same liquid in two different pods , can we get the same vaping experience? The answer is NO, because flavor performance will be also affected by the hardware, e.g. the battery capacity, wattage output and heating temperature.

Here the inhale experience is referring to throat hit and nicotine satisfaction.It’d hard to tell from a product outlook, so a first-hand test is recommended before purchasing.

We sincerely hope the above information can help you. At any time, non-smoking is the best; if you can not quit smoking immediately, please look around and find some alternatives.

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